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Spectrum Remote Sound Bar

This rgb light stick is for the gamer in you! It features two red and two green lasers that can be turned on or off as needed, the blue and black colors are also included to make it more fun for the more complex laser games. Lastly, the Bar can be used to create different soundtracks with the included music app.

Spectrum Remote Sound Bar Ebay

The Spectrum Remote sound Bar is excellent for gaming or voice chat, this is a first-rate tool for people who admire to play video games or voice chat. The Spectrum Remote is top-grade for this purpose and is also bright and vibrant in color, the Spectrum Remote sound Bar is a fun and unique alternative to add some extra sound and features to your gaming pc. This little guy is all about led light stick technology, making it basic to connect to your favorite voice chat, music, and gaming pc sound cards, the rgb lamp might be a little sparse on features this year, but the Spectrum Remote sound Bar will make a first-class substitute to add some warmth and color to your space. This top-of-the-line product from bluetooth speaker wireless portable bass stereo loud audio sound speakers party takes your sound and puts it in a new and innovative location, this is a fantastic place to add sound for a more interactive environment. The Spectrum Remote sound Bar presents multiple speaker and bluetooth input types so you can create any sound type you want, the sound Bar also extends an impressive 25% capacity for your music and movies. This product is a top-notch alternative to add some blue-collar audio noise and sound effects from your favorite party games to your home, the Spectrum Remote sound Bar is a top-grade choice to make your home a place where sound and party games go together. This product gives two audio jacks so you can attached your audio devices such as sound card players and headphones with built in mic, the speaker is a quality sound with high quality batteries that will last for hours of listening pleasure. The speaker is furthermore to suit any size home.