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Sonos Arc Smart Sound Bar

The Sonos Arc 5, 0 channel Smart soundbar is a top-grade solution for folks with a Smart home. With its 5, 0-micronrythopie power and black color, this sound Bar is designed to look and work like a pro. With its sound up Bar and down Bar touch screen, you can favorite your most used tracks and disable those that you don't want to hear, plus, there's even an add-on for are capable of playing music from your phone or tablet when you're away from the home range.

Sonos Arc Smart Sound Bar Walmart

The Sonos Arc 5, 0 Smart atmos soundbar is a new-and-exact version of the Sonos Arc sound bar. It's black, and it's brand new to ship, it's effortless to add sound to this Bar with our easy-to-use add-on features. This is a brand new Sonos Arc 5, 0 channel Smart soundbar - white. It is unopened and gives never been used, it is a beneficial addition to your home and fantastic for your music needs. Our Sonos Arc Smart sound Bar is puissant for listeners with a sense with d-a-p-o sound quality, you'll have a first-class sound experience with all your music, our sound Bar comes with a Smart sound system that includes a dolby atmos sound system, an 7-inch touchscreen display, and a hall of fame speaker. 0 channel in black us1 blk is a new and sealed sound Bar that features 5, 0 channel technology. It is dandy for admirers with a large collection of music.