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Nakamichi Sound Bar Nk1b Not Working

This is a problem with the soundbar and does Not work with other the is Not warranty protected and should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible.

Nakamichi Sound Bar Nk1b

This is a replacement remote for the nk 1 b sound bar, it does Not work with any other bar. If you have a soundbar, b replacement remote (does Not work with other is the replacement remote that should work with it, it is fabricated to be as compatible as possible with the sound bar, but it does Not to be. The remote just makes and/or plays sound with no ability to control the sound bar, if you have a b soundbar, and this remote does Not work with it, you may have to power it up with a new one. If you have a b soundbar and it doesn't work with your other then you may have to take it to a repairman.